DITC Studios

O.C. - A New Dawn - LP - (Test Press)


DITC Studios

O.C. - A New Dawn - LP - (Test Press)


  • DITCS-003
  • O.C.
  • A New Dawn
  • LP 
  • Test Pressing
  • Boutique Handcrafted & Ink Stamped Vinyl
  • Limited Edition (Promo - Un-numbered Copy)
  • IN-STOCK: Now Shipping


A1. A New Dawn (Produced by Gwop Sullivan)

A2. Feeling' Free (Produced by Motif Alumni)

A3. John Wick (Produced by Gwop Sullivan)

A4. 4 Eva (Produced by Dark Keys)

A5. SLo' Burn (Produced by Dark Keys)

A6. Sunday Morning ft. Tay Bell (Produced by Motif Alumni)

A7. Quick To Jump (Produced by Motif Alumni)

B1. Powerful (Produced by Motif Alumni)

B2. The Sauce [Interlude] (Produced by Motif Alumni)

B3. Live Free, Die Hard (Produced by Dark Keys)

B4. Exhale (Produced by Motif Alumni)

B5. Fair Game (Produced by Gwap Sullivan)

B6. Ignorance Is Bliss (Produced by Gwop Sullivan)

B7. Vibe (Produced by Showbiz & Motif Alumni)