Slice Of Spice

Milano - The Way We Were - LP

$17.98 $14.98

Slice Of Spice

Milano - The Way We Were - LP

$17.98 $14.98

  • SSR-077
  • Milano Constantine (D.I.T.C.)
  • The Way We Were
  • LP (Standard Black Vinyl)
  • Limited Edition Press (300)
  • Includes 3 Previously Unreleased Tracks
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A1. Barbaric - Produced by DJ Skizz

A2. British Walkers - Produced by Marco Polo

A3. The Way We Were - Produced by DJ Skizz

A4. Cocaina - Produced by DJ Skizz

A5. That Feeling - Produced by Marco Polo

A6. Imagine (Interlude) - Produced by DJ Skizz

B1. Rasclat (ft. Conway & Big Twins) - Produced by DJ Skizz

B2. 10-4 (fr. Fame of M.O.P.) - Produced by Marco Polo

B3. Waited For So Long - Produced by DJ Skizz

B4. Closer - Produced by Milano Constantine [PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED]

B5. Gotta Do It - Produced by Milano Constantine [PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED]

B6. The Road - Produced by DJ Skizz [PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED]